Attic Renovation Plans : Storage Space in your Attic

Your attic renovation plans could come to a halt quickly if you have limited headroom or your loft is unsuitable for living space. Do not despair however, your attic can still be used for storage and will not be entirely wasted. Read on to find out about potential problems of using your attic for storage space.

When you have grand attic renovation plans it can be disheartening to learn you will need to change ceiling heights and more in order to use your attic for an office, playroom, or bedroom. What can be even more disheartening is discovering that the space you will be using for storage is not even fit for that.  A leaking roof is probably the most common complaint.

If your roof is leaking, contact local contractors right away to have the problem resolved. Stains on the ceiling beneath your attic can indicate your roof is leaking. Signs of water damage on the underside of your roof sheathing are also a tell-tale sign that you need to call in your roof contractors. Leaks around chimneys are also common and around vent pipes.

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Attic Renovation Plans : Moisture in your Attic

Depending on the way your home has been designed, you may find that the ventilation from your bathroom ends up in your attic. This will mean your loft space is good for nothing, not even for storage. Damp will rot anything you choose to store in your attic, and mould and mildew will take over. Thankfully, your bathroom ventilation can be redirected to end up outside your build. This is something that you will need to do before you convert your attic into a storage room.

Floor and Ceiling Joists

When you go up into your attic for the first time, you will see joists across the floor as well as vertical joists that are supporting the structure of the roof. Between these joists you will find insulation. If your home still has asbestos insulation between the joists then it’s time to call in your asbestos removal team. Depending on the age of your property you will find old style insulation that is not just ineffective but also dangerous to your health.

The joists in your attic also need to be in good condition if you are considering storing heavy boxes and items on them. Any water damage could have led to rotting joists. If your property is old and you have not been in the attic for years, then be prepared for surprises. It is not unheard of to find pigeons or bats nesting in your loft!

Attic renovations plans will need to be put on hold while you make your loft space safe if you are suffering from any of the above issues and problem. Call in your specialists to see if your attic can be converted to living space or if storage is the only option. Then set out to make your attic space safe and free from hazards and dangers before you start your renovation plan.

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