Barn Conversion Architects : What you Need to Know

When looking at the trends for the property market in the UK, you will find a trend in barn conversions. Conversions of any type are indeed popular, ranging from garage to basement or loft. If you are considering converting a barn that you own, the process is far more complex than a loft conversion. For a conversion that is fully legal, safe, and will provide a good quality dwelling, contact your local barn conversion architects.

Barn Conversion Architects : Creating New Space and New Homes

When you take a look at your dilapidated barn, you may find it hard to imagine that you could actually live in it. Designed for protecting animals against the cold weather, a barn may not even have running water. But, more importantly, how safe is the structure? If the roof has caved in, then probably not very! So, how do you assess whether a conversion makes good money sense? With the help of barn conversion architects and surveyors!

Before you get carried away with your barn conversion ideas, you will need to order a structural survey. Although you know that your structure needs upgrading, you will not know how much until you bring in the professionals. Whole walls may be subsiding, and what looks like a bit of moss on the roof might actually be hiding a severe case of wet rot.

Barn Conversions : Listed Buildings

Another factor to consider is if you will be able to change the exterior design of your build. If your barn is not listed, it may still be in a protected area. This will limit the amount of alterations you can make to your property. You may even find that your barn cannot be demolished even if it is not suitable for any type of conversion.

barn conversion architects

When converting a barn, an architect can help you with the legal side of things as well as the design aspect. He can work through the possibilities for you, and come up with a figure for how much it will actually cost. Remember that you will need to pay not just for building contractors, but for electricians, plumbers, roofing experts, and much more.

If you see a barn conversion in progress, you will often wonder if permission has actually been granted. There are a surprisingly large number of conversions in existence that do not adhere to the rules they should. If you want to avoid disappointment, then use the services of legal professionals who know how things really work.

Lastly, what are you thinking of doing with your conversion once it is complete? If you are looking to rent out the accommodation for holiday lettings then once again there are laws and regulations that need to be adhered to. If you are going to live in the conversion yourself, then you need to ensure the build is to the highest of standards, fully insulated, and will be an investment that will provide you with a family home that you will be happy living in for many years to come.

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