Basement Conversions Bristol

basement conversions BristolFor many houses that already have loft conversions, the only way to extend is downwards.

If you already have a basement, but would like to do a basement conversion to put in a new bathroom then this is a lot less expensive than creating a basement from scratch.

The cost of a basement conversion is a lot lower than adding in a basement to an existing building. The investment is worth it though, as it creates a brand new sizeable space that can add a good deal of value to you home.


Building a Basement

One of the most important things our basement conversions Bristol teams will ensure is that the building can take the addition of a basement. It will require input from a structural engineer, who may recommend underpinning or adding in steel beams.

Meticulous waterproofing is also important, especially if your house is close to sea level, or built on clay soil, or a flood plain.

You will need to provide escape in the event of fire, so a second exit would be useful, or a window that can provide egress. If your house was three storeys or more before work on the basement started you will require self-closing fire doors, and if you are planning to turn the basement into an office you will need input from the local fire brigade.


Basement Conversions

basement conversion specialists BristolA basement conversion is a lot more straightforward. The only difficult part is moving supporting walls. It will still need basement conversion specialists to ensure it is properly waterproofed, so speak to us and we will send out one of our basement conversions Bristol based builders out to inspect the job and give you more detailed advice and support on what can and can’t be done.

One of the best basement conversions, and one that is really popular at the moment is turning the basement into a home cinema. BBN have a home cinema Bristol based specialist who can help you create your home cinema in any room of the house.

So, if you are looking for basement conversions Bristol, or in surrounding areas, please email or call us TODAY for a quote.