Basement Garage Conversion : Is it a Viable Option?

A basement garage conversion can give you more living space. It can add a large sized room to your property. It is a much cheaper option that adding an extension to your home. On average it will cost you around half as much as an extension. So, is converting your garage into a living space a viable option for you? Read on to decide.

Basement Garage Conversion : The Basics

Before you get carried away with your garage conversion ideas, you need to get to grips with the basics. A garage is for storing cars. It is not insulated or damp-proofed and it is not designed for living. To convert your garage correctly you will need to raise the floor level, adding a moisture barrier and insulation underneath. Insulation will also be required for the floors, walls, and ceiling. Unless your garage was built with conversion in consideration, it is unlikely to be insulated.

Your garage will need heating, lighting, cooling, and plumbing. Your existing garage will have a light and perhaps a plug socket where you have a freezer plugged in. A standard garage will have little more. If your garage doesn’t have a window it will need one. Lastly, you will need to remove your garage door and installed an insulated stud wall. As you can see, it is not as simple as you might first have thought. But, don’t let that deter you. Experts in loft and basement garage conversions can help you and decide the best course of action for your new room.

basement garage conversion

Next you will have to decide what you will use the room for. If you intend it to be a separate studio apartment then you will need to install a kitchen and a bathroom too. These will need to be connected to your drainage system. You may also need planning permission for your basement garage conversion as you will be changing the outside aspect of your home.

Is a Basement Garage Conversion a Sound Investment?

Now you are aware of the basics, you need to think if converting your garage is a sound financial investment or not. Taking away a garage may actually lower the market value of your home. Many people look for a property with a garage. Depending on the area you live in, you could either be adding or taking away value from your property. You will also lose storage space when you convert your garage. Where will you store your tools, your bicycles, and your lawnmower?

There are alternatives to a basement garage conversion that will add value to your home. They are more expensive options, but they are guaranteed options. Choose a basement or loft conversion, or opt for an extension to be built on your home.

Before you get carried away with a basement garage conversion, weigh up the pros and cons. Changing the usage for your garage is not a simple task and it is one that may cost you far more than you plan for.

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