Bathroom Design Bristol : Free-Standing Tubs

If you look at a glossy magazine with bathroom designs, a vast proportion will boast freestanding tubs. Sophisticated and stylish when it comes to bathroom design Bristol experts are on hand to help you create your dream room. Perhaps you want classic taps and a Victorian style tub, or maybe you want a modern and square tub in the middles of the room or under a skylight. Before you get carried away however, and call in your remodeling team, it’s time to think practical. A tub in the middle of your room is not always the best option. Here’s why.

Bathroom Design Bristol : Small Bathrooms

If you have a small bathroom, a freestanding tub will take up a lot of room; too much room. One compromise is to have a tub that you like, but next to the wall. But what’s the point of that I hear you ask. Small bathrooms are no use at accommodating large and elegant bathtubs. So, perhaps turn your concentrations to a walk in wet room that will take no more room, in fact less, than a traditional tub.

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Bathroom Design Bristol : Plumbing

If you have a budget to stick to for your bathroom remodel, then a freestanding tub will eat into the amount of money you have to spend. Your pipework will need to be altered if you are intending on having a bath in the middle of the floor. Unless you are prepared to see ugly pipework, then the task will mean digging up your floor, not an easy task if you have a concrete or stone floor!


Something that many people ignore when choosing a new bathtub is your accessories. If you look at any normal bathtub, it will have some shampoo, shower gel, sponges, and other accessories around the side. For people who don’t like clutter, you will find a shelf on the wall, or a rack that overhangs the shower head.  In all cases, you will find everything you need for your soak in the tub within reach. So, what do you do with a free standing tub?

A bath rack that goes across the tub is OK, but perhaps for soap and a sponge. So, where do you put your shampoos, conditioners, bath oils, and everything else you want within arms’ reach when soaking in the tub? In Victorian times, people would have a bath with a bar of soap and perhaps a brush. Their style of tubs didn’t need to accommodate a different type of shampoo for each member of the family; because shampoo and conditioner didn’t exist.

So, pick back up the glossy magazines and see how people cope with this problem. In many, you will see a distinct lack of accessories around the tub. In other you will see a cabinet on the wall. But, the question still remains as to where to put your shampoo when you are soaking in the tub. Should you put it on the floor or on a chair? Or should you forget your free-standing tub after all and put your tub by the wall where you can keep everything you need for your soak in the tub at arm’s reach?

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