Bathroom Remodeling Services : Let There be Light

Bathroom remodeling services from your local Bristol fitters can transform an old dank room into one where you really want to soak in the tub. Perhaps you have invested in a second hand property and hate the bathroom. Or perhaps you have regretted your choice or burgundy suite ever since you fitted it in the 1980’s. Below is a look at how to make your bathroom look and feel bigger and lighter without having to knock down walls!

Bathroom Remodeling Services: Tiling

If you can live with your existing suite but hate your tiles, then order a retile from your local bathroom fitters. Old tiles can make your bathroom look dank and dark. Grout that has gone black due to mold and mildew will also make your room look not just dark but thoroughly uninviting. Tiling a bathroom is not a big job, but it’s one that will get done more quickly if you call in the experts. If you want to get a head start, then start chipping away at your old tiles, leaving the walls behind ready for preparation.

bathroom remodeling services

To add light to a dull bathroom, choose light tiles. If plain white doesn’t appeal then choose a light design. Leave dark-coloured tiles for big bathroom spaces. Dark tiles also show up limescale to perfection; another reason to leave dark colours alone and go for something bright. To make a small bathroom look bigger still, choose oversized tiles. Large tiles with less grouting will make your walls look less cluttered. Perfect for small rooms where you have little space to play with.

Bathroom Remodeling Services : Changing your Suite

Changing your suite can totally transform your room. If your bathroom suite is outdated or a horrible colour that was only deemed fashionable in the 80’s it’s time to ditch it and buy a new one. For small bathrooms always choose light colours, and for rooms that are really overcrowded consider replacing a full bath tub for a shower. As long as you keep your plumbing in the same place, the job will be simple and effective. If you never use your bath tub as a bath and it is taking up room, a shower cubicle or walk-in shower is the perfect option.

Bathroom Remodeling Services : Accessories

Once you have decided on your tiles and suite, it’s time to choose some accessories that will suit your new room. New towels, a new carpet, and a new bathroom cabinet can do wonders when it comes to redesigning your room. For small bathrooms, keep everything light and airy. Do not cram in lots of shelving or invest in an oversized laundry bin. Simplistic and minimalistic is the best way forward when it comes to making the best of a small space.

Details like a new shower curtain can also dramatically change the look of your room. If you have curtains in your bathroom, replace them with a blind or leave the window bare and decorate the sill with a couple of small plants. Remember that the best way to make a small dark room light is to make use of natural light, get rid of clutter, and perhaps change your single bulb light for some stylish strip lighting.

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