Best Basement Conversions for Modern Living

If your basement currently houses little more than a fuse box and a few cardboard boxes, you are wasting valuable living space. Below is a look at best basement conversions that will allow you to put this space to good use. Before you start with a basement conversion, call in the experts you find here. Depending on the type of basement you have and how near you are to water sources underground, your basement will need to be damp-proofed in different ways.

Never move into your existing basement without having it surveyed and damp-proofed. If you are familiar with the damp smell that harbours in your basement then you will understand why you can’t just start living in your basement. The best basement conversions will need not just waterproof membranes installing; they will also need proper ventilation and where possible a source of natural light.

best basement conversions

Best Basement Conversions: Family Rooms

A great use for your basement is a family room. This can be a room where you enjoy time with the family without having to worry about spills on carpets or on your best 3 piece suite. This type of conversion is an excellent idea for families with young children. As your kids grow up, the room will turn into their own, and by the time they are teenagers, you will be most likely be banned from going down the stairs!

Games rooms or a music room are two other great uses for your basement. A music studio for music classes is an excellent option. A piano is often too heavy to sit on floorboards upstairs, but in your basement it will sit firmly on the ground. If you give music lessons, then your basement is a great place to teach away from the noise of the family home. Ensure you have plenty of natural light and ventilation. No child wants to go down in to a dingy basement for music lessons.

Best Basement Conversions: Games and Sports Rooms

Other fantastic basement conversion options are games rooms and sports rooms. Build your own mini gym underground, or install a ping pong or pool table. Basement conversions are all about bringing your house to life and making the most of the space you have. Converting your basement into a home gym can actually save you money in the long run on gym fees!

The best basement conversions are those that are planned and where the proper measures are carried out in order to ensure your new room does not suffer from damp. If you property is near the level of the water table then you will need a pumping system to ensure that excess water drains away from your home instead of collecting in a membrane wall. For the best systems for removing excess moisture from underground, contact you basement conversion specialists in Bristol today. With the knowledge to find the best solution for your home, a basement conversion that is constructed by specialists will add not just room but also value to your home!

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