Best Bristol Building Companies : When to Call in a Plumber

The best Bristol building companies are not just for expanding or refurbishing your home. Reputable tradesmen supplied by Bristol Builders Network can also prevent you from running up major bills around the home. Just like you check the oil in your car and take it for a service, you should make checks around the home. Below is a look at one specific area of your home; your waterworks. At the first signs of trouble you should call in a reputable plumber. Tackling problems with your pipes is not something you should tackle yourself, unless you want to wind up paying for new pipes, flooring, and much more asides.

Best Bristol Building Companies: Plumbing Issues to be Aware of

Unnoticed water leaks can lead to problems. The first time you may notice is when a water bill arrives that is far higher than normal. But by the time you realise that your sky-high water bill could be due to a plumbing issue, your home could already have structural damage that will need to be fixed by your local and best Bristol building companies and tradesmen. A small leak can cause huge structural damage to your home and it can cause you to receive extremely high water bills. Over the course of a year, you could waste thousands of gallons of water, which is also very negative for the environment. Regular inspection of your plumbing can put a stop to this headache once and for all.

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If you are looking to buy a second hand property in Bristol, then a professional inspection from a plumber can give you the peace of mind you need to ensure the pipework is in good order. Telltale signs to look for include corrosion and dripping. Pipes need to be checked around toilet and sink line and also lines leading to your appliances such as your washing machine and dishwasher. A simple replacement of an O-ring can often stop a tap from dripping, saving you a lot of wasted water as well as the annoyance of the dripping noise.

Pipes with leaks do not always drip. If you can see damp patches on walls or inside kitchen cabinets, chances are you have a leak that you cannot see. Warped flooring, a musty or damp smell, and rusty water are also signs of bigger problems lurking in the background. Depending on where you have located the problem you may need to call a plumber or you may need the services of Bristol building companies to remove plaster from walling or to take up your floorboards.

Corrosion will occur on shut off valves where you have a fault with your plumbing. Mismatched metals can cause corrosion. So, ensure all your pipes and fixtures are of the same metal. Galvanised pipes that attach to metal pipes are bad news. If you find these in your home, replace them before they cause you problems.

If you are not sure if you have a water leak but you suspect one, try the water meter trick. Stop all supplies of water and read your meter. Then return to your meter some thirty minutes later. If the reading has changed, then you have a leak.

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