Best Way to Remodel a Bathroom Without Wasting Time

The best way to remodel a bathroom is to let the experts take care of the job. Unless you are a qualified plumber and electrician you could end up making a mess; a mess that will then be fixed by a qualified bathroom fitter and adding to the expense of your remodel project. Below are some bathroom remodeling tips from BBN that save time and that will allow you to use your new room in the quickest timescale.

Best Way to Remodel a Bathroom : Plumbing

The best way to remodel a bathroom is to keep the plumbing where it is. Using the existing pipes and plumbing will save you time and a lot of money. Unless you really hate the current positioning of your suite or are adamant that you want a free standing bath in the middle of the room, do not set about to change pipework around. Changing plumbing is not just expensive. It is very time consuming. Unless you are prepared to be without a bathroom for weeks instead of days, make use of the plumbing you already have.

best way to remodel a bathroom

Salvage and Update

The best way to remodel a bathroom quickly is to update your existing room instead of ripping out all fixtures and fittings and starting from scratch. If your bathroom is looking dated, consider retiling instead of replacing the suite. New flooring can also make a big difference on the overall appearance of your room. Your old suite can still look great. With some elbow grease you can clean your old tub and make it look like new. Consider what it is that is making your bathroom look dark and dank. If you have grout that is going black or is cracking, bleach in-between your tiles or just re-grout and keep your existing tiles.

Best Way to Remodel a Bathroom : Let There be Light

If your bathroom is looking dark and dingy, consider the lighting. It could be that your room is not at fault rather your lighting. One single bulb hanging from the centre of your bathroom is not going to look great. Consider replacing your lights for some angled spotlights and add lights to your cabinets.

Best Way to Remodel a Bathroom : Paint

If you are on a budget or only have one bathroom that you cannot do without for days at a time, consider painting your room. Go bold and bright. There is nothing stopping you painting your bathroom bright pink if you want. Avoid painting a bathroom blue however. Although you might love an aqua theme for your bathroom, a blue bathroom can look cold in winter. Always check to ensure your paint will match the colour of your suite, flooring, and tiles. But go bold and add some life to your bathroom with bold colouring. Invest in some new bathroom tiles in a contrasting colour to make your old bathroom look like an entirely new room!

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