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Renting out property in the UK comes with responsibility. Before you hand over the keys to your new tenants you need to have signed a legal tenant landlord agreement and carried out all the necessary checks on your property. These include checking the structure for damage as well as ensuring your plumbing and electrical installations are up to date. A boiler and central heating service for landlords is an essential part of these checks. Faulty boilers are not just dangerous. They can lead to big problems as a UK landlord.

All homes rented in the UK need to provide hot water as standard. A boiler breaking down is one of the worst nightmares for landlords. Unfortunately, boilers tend to break down in winter. How do you avoid this scenario? By regularly checking your water and heating system. Gas boilers need annual safety checks, and these are part of the boiler and central heating service available from reputable UK companies.

boiler and central heating service

Boiler and Central Heating Service : Insurance

As mentioned above, boilers have a habit of breaking down in winter. No tenant should be expected to live in a home without hot water and heating. But what happens when the boiler in question breaks down just before payday? Borrowing money can be an expensive option, and leaving your tenants without a boiler is illegal. As a landlord you will be expected to fix the boiler in a timely manner, and provide alternative accommodation if necessary.

There are two ways you can keep down the cost of boiler repairs. One is having your boilers regularly inspected. When you do so, the guarantee on your boiler will cover repairs in the event of a failure. If you want to risk using older boilers in properties, then an insurance policy is a good idea. This means that your boiler repairs will be covered. But remember, if you fail to carry out annual inspections, your insurance will not cover repairs.

Boiler Heating Problems

If your tenant reports that their heating is not working, once again, you are responsible for making the necessary repairs in a timely manner. There are many reasons why a heating system is not working. It may be that the boiler is losing pressure, or that there is air in the pipes. Or, it might be something more complex. The only way to know for sure is to use the services of a reputable and certified heating engineer.

If you have more than a couple of rental properties, employing a property management team makes sense. A property management team can take care of all aspects of your rental properties from collection of late rent, to maintenance and preventative repairs. These will include your boiler and central heating service. Failure to provide high quality rented accommodation will ruin your reputation as a landlord. For just a small monthly fee all your properties will be looked after for you, leaving you to sit back and enjoy the ROI you have made.

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