Boiler Replacement

boiler replacement

Whether you are looking for a new boiler installation or a boiler replacement, talk to Bristol Builders Network first.

We have your best interests at heart, as our company was created with the sole intention of protecting you from the minority of unscrupulous tradespeople out there.

If you are looking for a combi boiler replacement or new gas boiler installation then get a quote from one of our hand vetted team of highly reliable gas heating engineers. From Baxi to Worcester Bosch, they can advise of the best gas boiler replacement for your size of property and guide you through the minefield of choices that are out there.

By choosing a plumber that has been hand-vetted by Bristol Builders Network (three previous clients personally interviewed and a site visit to see one of their combi boiler installation first hand) you have the peace of mind of knowing you are dealing with an experienced professional who will deliver a really good service for a fair price.

Boiler Installation Cost (2018)

To install a mid-range boiler for the first time in a new build 3 bed property, with all the associated pipework would be £3500 to £4000.

Here is a breakdown of some example costs:

Boiler – £900 to £1500

Radiators / Towel Rail – £90 – £150 each (not including fitting, bleeding, testing

Flue – £100

Other Materials – £300 to £400

Labour – 3 / 4 days – 2 people – £1200 to £1600

Gas Boiler Replacement Cost

Combi Boiler Replacement in the same location – £1500 to £2000

Gas boiler replacement in a new location – £1750 to £2250

For a specific quote for your particular job why not call 0800 08 300 80 or fill out the form to the right and one of our friendly team will call you straight back.

And if you are an honest and reliable heating engineer with a high level of integrity and dedication to customer service then we would like to hear from you too!

There is no obligation and you have everything to gain. You will be in safe hands and extremely well looked after.