Builders in Bath UK : Students Lets in the City

Bath is a city that has a certain charm about it that few cities do. Small enough to be friendly and with some of the best weather in the UK it is a great place for buy to let investment for the student market. Bath is not only popular with students. Nearly 1 million people visit the city every year. So, below are some reasons why people choose Bath for their university town and how builders in Bath UK can make your buy to let property dreams come true.

Bath is an old city, and this means that there are many old properties on the market; properties that are indeed perfect candidates for renovation by builders in Bath UK. Below are 5 reasons students choose Bath, and why the city is perfect for property investment.

Builders in Bath UK : Natural Beauty

Bath is a heritage site, and it has some of the most stunning buildings in the UK. From its quaint back street to its Royal Crescent, you will also find quirky independent businesses galore. The streets of Bath have been used for filming the new Sherlock series, and scenes from Les Misérables.

builders in Bath UK


Bath has two universities to choose from, that meaning double the possibility of student lets for landlords. Baths Universities excels in creativity and culture, and one of them ranks 11th in the UK. The students at Bath University have been ranked to be the happiest in all the UK universities, and you only have to take a look around to understand why.

When children leave home for the first time, many like to head for the biggest cities. Others however prefer a cosy city that doesn’t seem so frightening. Bath is small, yet has everything you need, and there really is no need to own a car. Bath is one of the safest cities for students. So, you won’t have to worry about break-ins in your student lets in the same way you would in Manchester or Leeds.

Bath oozes culture, but it also boasts some good nightlife for students. All of the city’s nightclubs are underground. So, you can be forgiven if you haven’t noticed any on your travels. This prevents noise pollution, and keeps the streets looking the way they were intended.  Students in Bath are happy, and the leaving rate mid-term from courses is very low. What this means, is that you won’t have a hard time filling your student homes.

Student lets in the city of Bath are less of a gamble than other types of letting. The rent you receive may be lower, but it is a rent that is guaranteed throughout the year. With so many properties dating back to the early 20th century, in need of some small repairs, you can pick up some bargain homes. With builders in Bath UK supplied by BBN providing you the best tradesmen at the best prices, it won’t be long until your new property purchases will be enjoying full occupancy in the city.

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