Building Facilities Management for Commercial Premises

As the owner of a commercial premise, you will be required to carry out maintenance and repairs as required. Areas of your build that will be included in this will be your roofing and your electrical circuits. When you own commercial properties that are leased to tenants, it is much easier to hand over this type of work to a building facilities management team. Read on to find out what a professional property management team can do for you.

Building Facilities Management for Leased Premises

When you lease a premise to a tenant, everything will be in working order. It is your job to ensure things stay that way. The easiest way to do so is by employing a building facilities management team. At first glance you may not think your building has many facilities that could go wrong. When you think about it however, there are plenty.

building facilities management

A leased premises needs to have inspections to ensure that everything is working correctly. This will include ensuring the plumbing and electrical installations are safe. Gas safety inspections are another area when your premise has central heating. Let’s take for example a commercial premise that you have let for retail purposes.

Your retail premise may have an escalator or an elevator. It will also have public bathroom facilities if it is a premise that serves food. Your electrical circuits and wiring will need to be checked periodically as will your plumbing. Exterior maintenance will include clearing drains and guttering.

Building facilities include running water, heating, and electrical installation. In the case of a building that has communal areas it can also mean elevators, and doors and windows in hallways. If you own a commercial premise with shared facilities, a designated company will be used for upkeep of facilities. These will include alarm systems, intercom systems, and lighting in communal areas.

Building Facilities Management : Why Employ a Local Team

As the owner of commercial property it is your duty to tend to the upkeep of your premises. If your premise does not share facilities with anyone else, it is up to you to decide who you will employ for the job of maintenance. There are many advantages of using a local building facilities management team. Someone will always be on hand when you need them, and callouts around the clock will be answered quickly.

If you are in search of a management team, Bristol Builders Network can provide you with a solution that is affordable yet one that works. We have contacts across Bristol and Somerset, providing vetted professionals who are affordable and reputable. Owning a commercial premise is a big responsibility and one that you cannot simply forget when you rent it out to tenants. You are still responsible for the upkeep of the building and its facilities, and you will need to ensure that inspections are carried out periodically. If you ensure that you keep everything up to date then you will earn yourself a reputation as a landlord people can rely on for a high standard of property.

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