Commercial Building Maintenance Tips for Professional Landlords

Maintaining your property should be high on your list of priorities as a landlord. Whether you own domestic or commercial buildings, you can fall foul of the law if you let maintenance slip. Below are some commercial building maintenance tips to follow. As the owner of more than one property it is highly advisable you employ a professional team like the one here. They should look after all of the below for you and more.

Commercial Building Maintenance Tips : Exterior Areas

If a store looks shabby from the outside, people won’t come in. As a landlord it is very important to make a good impression even though you are not using the premise yourself. This means replacing anything that is damaged and keeping the painting and landscaping up to date. Exterior areas that can be maintained by a professional team include your car park, graffiti removal, and windows.

Commercial Building Maintenance Tips : Moving Inside

Unless you have managed to negotiate a contract with your tenant that stipulates that they will carry out maintenance, it is your responsibility. This means that you will be responsible for painting, light fixtures, furnishings, and replacing things that have been damaged by wear and tear and not by fault of the tenant.

commercial building maintenance tips

Asides the obvious, it is important to look for details. If it was your store, you would want it looking its very best. Customers will be distracted by dirt or anything that is outdated or in need of replacement. As a landlord keeping up to date on your commercial maintenance will keep your tenants happy and in turn their customers. Lifts need to be serviced, and fitting rooms and toilets need to be kept well maintained.

Commercial Building Maintenance Tips : Utilities

Utilities within your commercial build will include water heaters, air conditioning units, and central heating systems. If you own a retail premise, climate control is very important. If it’s too hot or too cold people will quickly abandon their shopping trip in search of somewhere nice and cool but not too cold. Employees also become disgruntled if they are forced to work in temperatures that are too hot or cold.

By correctly maintaining your build with these commercial building maintenance tips your property will hold on to its value. This is important if you wish to sell it in the future or when you are in search of new tenants.

It doesn’t cost much to employ a local maintenance team to look after your commercial property. Bristol Builders Network can source a reliable and affordable team for you. If you ignore the maintenance that is needed on your premise then you could end up paying out in the long run. Tenants may abandon your store, and an empty store will provide no revenue for you. Worse still, failure to fix things that are broken could cause an accident on your premise, and this could lead to your being sued, forced to close down the premise, or worse still.

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