Commercial Fit Out Contractors : Services Available

When you want to refurbish your office, professional commercial fit out contractors can provide a service that starts with the planning and ends with the finishing touches. There are many different stages to fitting out an office, the first being the initial planning. Once plans are drawn up and visualized, your commercial fit out contractors can move in and get to work. Below is a look at some of the jobs they will take care of for you, depending on the design option you have chosen.


Partitioning of offices is very popular. Over the last decades, the average office has changed a lot. Going back to the 20th century, it was common for closed offices to be used. Each person had their own privacy and their own door with a knock before you enter policy. These however quickly become unfashionable, and open plan offices took over.

Open plan offices were designed for team work. They were a way for people to be more easily supervised. With workstations and cubicles replacing large desks and chairs, the open plan office appeared to work very well. But, it was missing something, private spaces for meetings and consultations. In the modern day office environment, Skype meetings are very common, these needing to be conducted in a quiet area away from noise. Small group meeting take place frequently, and these require closed off spaces.

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This is where partitioning for your open office will be necessary. Creating meeting rooms doesn’t mean turning back the clock to the last century and creating isolated dark spaces. Glass partitions are very popular, and work extremely well in the modern office.

Commercial Fit Out Contractors : Lighting

If your office is currently dark and dull, your employees won’t be working to their full capacity. If you still have old fashioned strip lights, then things need to change, now. Changing and adding lighting can create a whole new atmosphere for your office, and should be carried out at the same time cables are rooted. All modern offices need to share data, and no one wants to be stepping over cables. Data and AV cabling can be carried out at the same time as lighting and flooring, these leading on to our next item.

If your office has carpets, then it really is time to say goodbye to them and modernize. But, tiled floors can be cold, and loud. So, what type of floors should you choose? There are dozens of different flooring types to be considered, and with the help of your Bristol office fit out contractors, you can decide which one suits your needs and budget.

Reception and Breakout Areas

If your office currently lacks a good reception area, or breakout areas for staff, then now is the time to create these areas. A good office should never leave a client standing, or sat in a corridor where it is cold and drafty. Your reception area is the first area your clients will see, so ensure you create an impression that you are happy with.

Removal Services and Office Furniture

When refitting your office, you will have old furniture you no longer need. Here you have some options open to you. Perhaps you want to sell your furniture on to someone, or donate it to a local charity or school. Whatever you want to do with your old furniture, it will need to be removed before your contractors can get on with the fit out. Thankfully, removal services can be ordered as part of your office fit out contract.

In the same way you will want to get rid of old furniture, you will want your new furniture to arrive on time. You may be sourcing your office tables and chairs locally, nationally, or even from abroad. Your fit out specialists can help you decide what type of furniture to invest in, ensuring you make the right decisions. Choose light coloured furniture where possible, especially is your office is lacking in natural light. Also make sure you don’t buy furniture that is too big or too small for your new spaces. Smaller open offices cannot accommodate traditional sized desks without them taking up too much room. So, opt for cubicles and workstations instead.

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