Convert your Garage : Adding Value to your Home

If you need extra living space you may decide to convert your garage. It will add much needed space to your home. But, will it add value? The answer to this question is only if you carry out a professional garage conversion and ensure that you still have parking options. When people come to purchase their home, a garage is attractive. If you live in an area where parking is difficult, converting you garage could be a big mistake.

How to Convert your Garage Correctly

To convert your garage correctly so you will add not just space but value to your home, you need to look at the bigger picture. Although reselling your property will not be on your mind, it does make sense to look to the future. If you later decide to put your house on the market, having no garage can make it hard to sell. If you have enough room for an outdoor carport, then this should be less of a worry. Otherwise, a partial conversion could be an option, adding you a small room, but without taking away your vital parking space.

When converting a garage, you need to realise that your garage will not have been built for living space. It will not have cavity wall insulation, it may just have a single brick wall, and it may not have a window. All this needs to be taken into consideration when planning your conversion. Simply covering over the backside of the door with a brick wall is not good enough. Garages that are not converted correctly are cold and damp places, and this cold and damp will then spread into the rest of your property.

convert your garage

Convert Your Garage : Plumbing, Electrics, and More

All garages have a light in them. Some have plug sockets that are used for tools or for a tumbler dryer. But your garage won’t have the same standard of electrics as the rest of your home. Adding plug sockets and lights could overload circuits if not done correctly. For this reason, you should use the services of a qualified electrician. Plumbing will be another issue, especially if you intend on adding a bathroom in your conversion.

The floor of your garage will also not be the same as the rest of your home. Cold concrete can’t be covered over with other flooring without being treated properly. Scrimping and saving on your garage conversion will not provide you with the habitable space you desire. All it will do is put a drain on your finances.

Your garage will need a window for it to be a habitable space. This can be another added expense. Expenses you may not have thought about will mount up. When you call in a professional builder for the job you will be able to get a reliable quote for a job that will be well done. You will need to budget for flooring, insulation, lighting, plumbing, heating, and much more. Make the most of your garage space when you opt for a professional garage conversion that will add proper value to your home.

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