Cost to Expand Basement : Points to Consider

If you are looking for the cost to expand basement space into habitable conditions, there is no one answer. You can spend a little or a lot. The end results will be reflected in the amount you spend. If you simply decide to use your basement and paint it and put some flooring down, you could be in for a nasty shock. Depending on the age and situation of your build, your basement may not be watertight and indeed not suitable for habitable space without adding a damp course layer. In this article instead of providing an estimate for the total cost of you conversion, we will concentrate on the different elements that will all be part of the final bill.

Cost to Expand Basement Downwards

If your current basement does not have enough head height, then you will need to dig down. This is one of the most expensive types of conversion, and you should consider wisely before calling in your basement conversion experts. As discussed before, depending on the situation of your build, you may need to pay out a substantial amount of money just to make your space watertight. If the foundations of your home are by the level of the water table, pumping equipment will be needed to constantly remove dampness from your conversion. This will be coupled with creating a cavity in the walls to stop water seeping through. This is a costly operation, and one that should only be carried out by specialists.

cost to expand basement

Cost to Expand Basement Space : Permission

Unless you live in a listed building, you will not necessarily need to apply for permission to expand your basement. If you have a party wall however, you will need to inform the neighbours. They have the right to oppose your plans, and disputes can occur. The foundations of your home and adjoining homes will be affected if you need to dig deeper. So, ensure you seek advice of the professionals.


If you wish to use your basement for anything more than storage, you will need light. Where possible a natural source of light is preferred, like the windows you find in basement dwellings. A dark space is not an inviting space, so ensure that you use lighting appropriately. If you need to add windows, this is another cost you need to consider.

Furnishing your Basement

Many people forget that the cost of finishing your basement does not end when your work has been completed by builders. Asides the possible surveys you may need and the actual building work, you will need money to complete your new rooms. If you are adding a bathroom, this is an added expense; a kitchen is another. Even if you are only going to use your basement as a games room, you will need to buy flooring, furniture, and complete your basement space.

Before going ahead with a basement conversion, think about all the expenses they are and decide on your budget. There is nothing worse than a half-completed project that you cannot afford to finish.

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