Drain Cleaning Service : DIY Mistakes to Avoid

If your kitchen sink is slow to drain, or you notice a foul drain smell in and around your home, something is amiss. You may or may not be the culprit. One of the top culprits for blocked drains is nappies that people have flushed. In the bathroom, hair often clogs up your drain. If you are experiencing bad smells, or slow-emptying sinks, use a professional drain cleaning service. DIY drain clearance is a big mistake. Read on to find out why.

Drain Cleaning Service : Locating the Problem

It is impossible to know what is causing your drain problems. You may presume it is something to do with your kitchen as it is your kitchen sink that doesn’t empty. But, how do you actually know? The short answer is that you can’t. When you use a professional drain cleaning service, cameras can be used to locate the real problem. The root of the problem may not even be on your land. It could be your neighbour’s property that is causing the problem. Surveys of your drains can also find cracked and old pipes. When purchasing a property, a drain survey is something many people miss.

Do Not Try to Unblock a Drain Yourself

As tempting as it may be, do not lift the cover in your garden and start poking around with a stick. What you will most likely end up doing is compacting the dirt and grime that is blocking up your pipes. When you use a professional drain cleaning service, your team will arrive with poles that are flexible and far longer than the longest stick you may have at home.

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If you have tried to plunge your kitchen sink but to no avail, you may go out and buy a chemical product for unblocking your sink. This is not a good idea. Chemicals are dangerous and toxic and they will harm the flora and fauna underground; if they are ever get that far. If your U bend is blocked, then the chemicals will settle in it and actually rot the pipes, causing havoc and disaster.

For a simple DIY fix that won’t harm you or the environment, go under your kitchen sink and unscrew the u bend. Before you do so however, turn off the water supply to your home! Otherwise you may find yourself racing to find the telephone number of an emergency plumber. If there is a blockage in your u bend, remove it, and then try to run water in your sink again. If the problem has not gone away, then the cause is further down in the pipework. Chemicals can destroy your pipework, so stop, put your sink plunger and gloves away, and call in the professionals.

No one like bad smelling drains and help is at hand. After heavy rainfall it is common for drains to smell differently. But if you notice prolonged odours, or flooding that does not subside in your garden, something is amiss. A job best left to the experts that are used to even the most foul smelling drains.

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