Extension Builders in Bristol : Things you Need to Know before Extending your Home

Carefully vetted extension builders in Bristol can add much needed room to your home in quick time. Building an extension does not actually take that much time, depending on the option you settle for. However, before you fall in love with a house extension that you have seen in a magazine, there are some things you need to know. Below are 10 of them.

extension builders in Bristol

Extension Builders in Bristol : The Right to Light

If you are extending your property and you live in a terraced or semi-detached dwelling, you will need to inform neighbours. The Party Wall Act gives neighbours the chance to object to your plans. One reason that you may not think of that they will object is that you are blocking their light. The right to light is legally established, and you cannot press ahead with an extension that will block light to your neighbours windows. The right of light is more prominent in city centre where homes are closer together. If you live in a semi-rural area, you will not have a problem.

You Can Put your Bathroom Where you Want it

In the past, building regulations in the UK stated that a hallway or lobby must be between a WC and a living room. This was because of hygiene. You will not find a home where the kitchen leads directly to the toilet. However, the law surrounding where you can place your loo has been abolished. It is however required that there is a wash basin in your WC and that there is ventilation.

Extension Builders in Bristol : Ceiling Heights

Like the abolishment of the law regarding where you can put a toilet, you can now have ceilings of whatever height you want. The normal recommended minimum height is 2.1m, a standard ceiling being 2.4m. These are practical heights, and the legal minimum height has been removed from Building Regulations.

Insuring your Extension Site

You will need additional insurance to your home insurance for your new build extension. Your current insurance may also be invalid as you are changing your home. You will need site insurance for the duration of your extension works. Once your extension is complete, you will need to review your home insurance policy too.

Through Rooms

When planning your extension, try to avoid using existing rooms as the access to your extension. If a current bedroom is used to access your extension then you will lose space and privacy. Through rooms are generally bad ideas for your home extension plans. A passageway from your existing build to your extension is a way to avoid having to cut into your existing living space. Remember that when you are building an extension the idea is to add more room to your home. If in the process you lose the usage of one of your rooms, and your extension only consists of one or two small rooms, you will be paying for an extension that will actually add little room to your existing home.

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