Finished Basement Contractors : Ideas for your Underground Space

Finished basement contractors are teams of professionals who will carry out your basement conversion from start to finish. They will take care of everything from ensuring there are adequate lighting, damp proofing, and the installation of pumping systems where necessary, and much more. When you choose basement contractors sourced by BBN you will be assured a service that is second to none. The price quoted will be the price for your finished basement. So, all that’s left for you to do is decide on how you will use your space.

You may already have ideas for what to use your basement space for. Below is a look at some common uses for basement conversions, and the pros and cons of each one. Having extra space in your home is welcomed. So, ensure you use your basement to its full potential.

Finished Basement Contractors : Home Cinemas and Gyms

Home cinemas and gyms are often found in basement conversions. A home cinema underground is a great way to use your basement space if you don’t have tonnes of natural light. A home gym can also be easily lit with artificial light. Although it is always recommended that you have at least one window in your basement conversion, you won’t need to worry about the expense of adding large windows or altering the exterior build of your home.

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Living Space and Bedrooms

Basements are often used for living space. They can be used as a living space for a family, or for just the adults, or kids. If you are thinking about having a basement living room, you will need to think about lighting. You will need a natural light source, and this will often mean adding additional windows to your home. If the area is for your children, then you should be careful that your kids don’t start spending all their time underground instead of outdoors and in the sunshine.

When are going to use your basement as a lounge then think about practicalities. If you will eat in your basement, how easy will it be to take things up and down the stairs? In the case you plan to use finished basement contractors to make a bedroom, then you will need an ensuite bathroom downstairs as well. This will add to the cost of your conversion, and there will also be concerns over ventilation from your shower or bathroom. A basement bathroom will need a window, and an extractor fan to ensure damp and mould don’t start to grow. On the plus side, a basement bedroom will be very quiet and away from traffic and outside noise.

Lastly, why not turn your basement into a wine cellar? If your cellar is not really big enough for living space, then make it into a room for storing all your favourite bottles of wine. You may already have a wine rack in your basement. So, make the most of the space you have underground by choosing a cellar conversion that will allow you to store and display all your favourite wines to your family and friends.

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