Frome Bathrooms : A Guide to Lighting Regulations

It is a well-known fact that water and electricity don’t mix. In UK homes, you won’t find standard light switches like you may across Europe. So, what are the regulations for lighting in your bathroom, and why should you leave the electrical fitting in your room to your Frome bathrooms experts? Read on to find out.

Bathrooms are wet rooms and can be divided into 4 zones. No matter the size of your bathroom, it will still get steamy and wet and the same regulations will apply. Zone 0 is to be found inside your bathtub or shower itself. Fittings in zone 0 need to be of low voltage and have an IPx7 rating.

Zone 1 is the area around your bath or shower and up to a height of 2250 mm. Zone 1 includes a radius of up to 1200mm from water outlets. Here IPX4 needs to be used as a minimum. If a 240v fitting is used, a residual current device must be fitted. Zone 2 includes the area around your washbasin, and zone 3 for areas outside all other zones where it is unlikely that water jets will reach or be used for cleaning. Confused? Then let Bristol Builders Network source Frome Bathrooms specialists for you who understand the regulations.

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Frome Bathrooms : Considerations for Bathroom Lighting

Your bathroom is a small room, but one where a range of lighting requirements is necessary. Your bathroom needs good lighting for shaving and applying makeup and it also needs to be functional room that is flexible and that suits all family members.

A badly lit bathroom can soon become your pet-hate. If you can’t see to apply makeup or to shave, then you may have insufficient lighting circuits. Mirror lighting is a great way to ensure you can use your bathroom for the purpose it was built. Cabinet lights are also functional and popular.

In the UK it is still illegal to have plug sockets in your bathroom other than low voltage sockets for shavers and toothbrushes. If you have travelled or lived abroad you will have seen bathrooms with plug sockets, and even the instance of washing machines in the bathroom. In the UK it is illegal to do this, and if you fit plug sockets yourself, you will have to remove them before you sell your home.

If you have an overly large bathroom, it may be possible to place one plug socket far away from the bath or shower. But, if you are looking for somewhere to plug your hairdryer in, then a socket by the door would be useless. In the same way, your light switch has to be located outside the door, or on a pull string.

If you are thinking of remodeling your bath or shower room in Frome bathroom experts supplied by BBN can help you with all your doubts and questions. Your bathroom needs to be functional and inviting, but most importantly it needs to be safe.

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