Garage Conversions

Garage ConversionsIn today’s property market, garage conversions are a popular way of adding value to your property. Put the junk in the shed and the cars in the driveway with our range of garage conversion solutions.

BBN can help with:

  • Detached Garage Conversions
  • Single and Double Garage Conversions
  • Garage Renovations

We are a specialist garage conversion company and can add additional insulation to the inside or outside of your garage to ensure your new living space is warm and dry and cost effective to heat.

Garages were not designed to be lived in and so proper insulation is the key to taking your draughty garage and converting garage into bedroom, living space or home office.

Convert Garage To Living Space

One of the most popular garage conversions is turning it into extra living space. This can be a dining room, kitchen extension or extra bedroom.

Considering how much junk is just dumped in a garage it is often far better to use it as extra space and keep the car outside. As space is at a premium and often garages are built so you can’t even fully open the car door to get out, using the space for something else makes both practical and financial sense.

Convert Garage To Office

Many people now work from home, either full time or part time, and having an office away from the kitchen table can be a real godsend.

single garage conversionsBeing able to close the door on the house and focus on work is a real benefit, and it can always be used as an additional bedroom if you decide to sell on.

Either way, a garage conversions adding value to your house and maximising the living space available.

Garages are often just places that gather junk, so put the junk in a shed and the car in the drive and convert your garage into a small office.

Having the separation between work and home is a real benefit as you can close the door on the office and walk into the house without having it all spread throughout the house.