House Builders Bristol

house builders BristolIf you are looking to knock down an existing property, build within a garden, or build a new house on vacant land, our house builders Bristol teams are here to help. We have growing teams of trusted, tried and tested builders who have all been thoroughly vetted, and their last three clients personally interviewed.

Whether your building project is £50K or £2 million, we have house builders in Bristol who are ready and waiting to provide you with a great quote and deliver a high quality finish.

More than half of the population would like to build their own home and the only limitation is your – or your architect’s – imagination.

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House Building Options

There are many options when it comes to building your own house. You can design it yourself, or you can get an architect to work with, or do the design for you. You can find and manage all the tradespeople and build the house yourselves. You can get a builder to build the shell and you can do the rest, or you can hire one of our Bristol home builders who will manage the project from start to finish and take all the hassle out of the build.

House Builders in BristolMany people think that by managing the project themselves they will save a lot of money. The savings are actually a lot less because our established house builders Bristol get good trade discounts on materials and have a bank of tradespeople that they work with who give them a good day rate. If you try and recreate this yourselves it can actually cost you more and any savings you do make are likely to be small. This is because you are only likely to ever build your house once, whereas the builders are hiring people regularly over the years and buying materials regularly too, so the rates they get are much better.

There are also the options of hire a custom build luxury house builder Bristol to build the house from scratch, or you can by a a ‘kit home’ where all the materials to build the size of house you want are all packaged and delivered.

For more information about building your own home, there is a government funded information portal which provides practical, impartial advice on self-building.