Janitorial Commercial Maintenance for Communal Areas

Janitorial commercial maintenance can take care of all the communal areas of your property. Whereas you will require a specific team of qualified tradesmen to carry out repairs to things such as your plumbing and electrical circuits, a janitor can keep on top of all communal areas. As the owner of a commercial building, it is important that you give the right impression to clients, regardless of if you have rented out your premise or not.

If you think back to your school days you will probably remember the school janitor. An odd job man that cleaned up at the end of the day, mowed the lawn, and carried out easy tasks around the building such as painting and fixing broken lights or coat hooks. Janitorial commercial maintenance is not actually that different, and it can sometimes be combined with a commercial cleaning contract. Read on to find out what areas of your building can be covered by a janitor.

Janitorial Commercial Maintenance : External Areas

Depending on the type of your property you may have a communal parking lot, a garden, or a concrete area. A janitor can keep your grass mown if you have a lawn, and can keep your parking lot free from graffiti and with freshly painted lines. Concrete slab areas are notorious for weeds growing, and a janitor can keep any paved areas looking clean. Jet washing can help keep the ground clean as well as your exterior paintwork. Tasks such as checking the safety of your roof however should be left to specially appointment tradesmen or a property management team.

Communal Areas

Communal areas need to be kept clean at all times. Otherwise you will leave a lasting bad impression on any visitors. Communal areas may have carpet that needs to be clean, or stairwells that need to be brushed and mopped. Lifts and stairways are notorious for becoming strewn with rubbish. Keeping these areas clean will ensure that vermin stay away. In autumn, leave may also collect in these area as well as gutters. Janitorial commercial maintenance can include cleaning out your gutters periodically.

In communal areas, all light bulbs need to be working at all times. As does any intercom or security system at the front door. Depending on the type of commercial premise you own you may prefer to employ the services of a janitor after hours, this meaning that your premise is not left empty throughout the night.

janitorial commercial maintenance

Painting and decorating can be included in your janitorial commercial maintenance contract, along with window cleaning. Windows should be kept clean at all times, and like all other exterior areas of your build, if they are dirty they will leave a really bad impression.

A janitor can carry out other menial tasks inside your build. These could include cleaning restrooms and communal kitchen areas, and completing tasks like unblocking sinks and fixing dripping taps.

A janitor’ duties should never include anything that should only be carried out by a professional. Faulty wiring should only be inspected by a trained electrician, and any plumbing issues that are more complicated than a blocked toilet should be carried out by a plumber.

Added Security for your Premise

A janitor can keep your commercial premise looking its best at all times whilst also providing a level of security. A janitor will often take up a post at a front desk in a building during opening hours, and will go on to complete maintenance tasks at times the building is closed.

Janitorial commercial maintenance is affordable and it will leave your premise looking its best at all times. As the owner of a commercial property you will also need to keep on top of all repairs and maintenance. Some of the simpler tasks can be carried out by a janitor. Others will require specific professional help. As the owner of a commercial premise, you always want to create a good impression, whether you are using the property yourself or you have let it to tenants.

Owning commercial property also comes with the responsibility of complying with rules and regulations. These include having gas boilers inspected each year, and gas safety certificates issued. There are many areas of your build that you will need inspected by professionals every year. These will include your roof, your drains, any heating and cooling systems you have, and your electrical wiring and appliances. Regular inspections will mean you save money in the long run. You will save money on expensive repairs that could have been avoided with regular maintenance.

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