Kingswood Builders News : Tips for First Time Buyers

Buying your first home is an exciting time. A time of trepidation and decisions that for many revolves around location. In this article we will look at what people look for in a property and what they are willing to dismiss. Almost three quarters of buyers are willing to purchase a home with an out of date kitchen or bathroom. Almost half of buyers will accept a home in any condition if it ticks the location box. Homes that are in need of renovation are a perfect option for first time buyers. So, as a first time buyer, how should you plan your refurbishment projects? Read on through our Kingswood builders news article to find out how.

kingswood builders news

Kingswood Builders News : Knowing your Project

When investing in a property that needs work doing on it, you need to be practical and consider everything before signing on the dotted line. The amount of time and money that you will be prepared to spend on your project will depend on whether your house will be your home for a few years, a decade, or if it will be your forever home. If you have no intentions of living in the property forever, some cosmetic upgrading is a far more sensible solution.

Once you are sure about how bigger renovations you are prepared to undertake, you can really start your property search. Do not get carried away by a period property with an original fireplace and sash windows. One look at the price of double glazing the windows will bring your feet back down to the ground.

Kingswood Builder News : Surveys

Before you get your heart set on any property, no matter the age, order a structural survey. Bristol Builders Network can put you in touch with qualified surveyors in Kingswood and across the city of Bristol. If the property you wish to invest in is in a bad state and has not been lived in for some time, a more comprehensive survey will be required. This type of survey can unveil costly problems. So, once again, stop daydreaming until you know what state the property in question is really in.

Kingswood Builders News: Finding the Best Tradesmen

Whether you have struck gold and your new home only needs a new kitchen, or if it needs structural repairs, finding the best tradesmen is important. This is where Bristol Builders Network comes in. We have an extensive portfolio of vetted and trusted tradesmen across the city; including builders specialized in period properties.

When investing in a property on a budget, it can be tempting to try and do some DIY to save money. If your home needs structural repairs, never try to carry them out alone. For more cosmetic repairs such as painting and decorating, DIY is a realistic option. But, even refitting a kitchen or bathroom should be left to the experts in second hand properties. Why? Because vetted tradesmen supplied by BBN will ensure all your pipework is up to date and replaced where necessary as well as your electrical circuits.

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