Landlord Property Maintenance : Student Properties

Student properties are renowned for being old, falling to pieces, and generally in a state of disrepair. But, as the owner of student properties you are required by law to carry out the same landlord property maintenance as you would to a multi-million pound property. You have legal obligations as a landlord, and unfortunately in student residence things seem to get broken more easily than in other properties. The solution to your problem is to use a professional landlord property maintenance service from a property management team.

Letting properties to students can bring you in a nice income. Each room can be rented out in your property and you don’t have to worry about having a modern kitchen or a separate dining area. But, once you have more than one property to maintain, being a student landlord no longer seems like fun. Below is a look at what is required by you and what you cannot neglect, even in the cheapest rental properties.

Landlord Property Maintenance : Maintaining Old Properties

A lot of student properties are bought for little money and then rented out. This may seem like a good idea at the time, but your properties need to be up to a certain standard. Exterior areas need to be kept looking smart and this can range from cutting the grass to reminding your tenants to put the bins out on the designated day. Windows will need to be replaced if they are rotten, and in areas of higher crime rate an alarm system is highly recommended.

landlord property maintenance

Inside a student property, fire doors must be in place on all the rooms that are habitually in use. You will also be expected to service a gas boiler and provide a safety certificate each year. Plumbing and electrics need to be maintained, and any faults must be dealt with and not ignored.

As a landlord who has bought into the market for buy to let for students, you will have a hard time keeping on top of maintenance. For this reason it is preferable to use a management team for your landlord property maintenance tasks.

Kitting out the interior of your properties with sturdy furniture is a good idea. The fewer things that can move, the fewer can be broken. Choose light fittings that are easy to change, or if you wish to use safety lights in all rooms, be prepared for callouts for the changing of bulbs. A ground floor bathroom is a great way to prevent flooding disaster in student residences, and having fitted wardrobes and furniture in bedrooms means there is less to get damaged.


A lucrative income can be made from being a student landlord. But it is a job that takes up a lot of time and can become very stressful. If you own more than a couple of properties, or if they are spaced apart, we highly recommend you choose a professional maintenance team who will be on call around the clock for any disasters that might happen.

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