Low Budget Bathroom Renovations for New Homeowners

Getting onto the property ladder is becoming increasingly harder. One way that you can afford to buy your first property is to invest in a property that is indeed of repair. A structurally sound home with outdated fixtures and fittings can provide you with want you need. But, with a tight budget to stick to, low budget bathroom renovations will be high on your list of priorities.

When you buy a second hand home, it is easy to rip up old carpets and to take down faded wallpaper. What is not so easy however is making the best of the kitchen and bathroom you have. Old tiles with cracks, outdated cabinetry, and awful-coloured suites are just a few of the problems you will come across. But, if you have found a cheap property that is structurally sound, you should not let the aesthetics put you off your purchase. There are plenty of ways to revamp your kitchen and bathroom on a budget, and they don’t mean having to turn to DIY. Your local tradesmen can carry out the work, sticking to your budget, yet still transforming the look of your home.

low budget bathroom renovations

Low Budget Bathroom Renovations : Tiles

Tiles are expensive, so one way to cut down the cost of your renovations is by only using tiles on some walls. Removing old tiles is a job that you can do yourself. This will cut down on the number of hours labour you will pay to your bathroom specialist. Limit tiles to areas that get wet, such as inside your shower and above your bathroom sink. Bathroom walls can be painted, and you can add decorative strips of tiles to break up larger walls.


On a budget, forget about marble for your countertops and stick with an alternative such as granite. Granite is hard wearing, looks good, and you can find offcuts at a fraction of the cost of regular stock. If you are careful when choosing a slab with imperfections, you may not even see the slight marks at all. This will depend on the positioning of your taps and basin.

As mentioned before, only using tiles in some areas can save money. This will mean that other areas of your bathroom will be painted. Be careful when choosing paint for your bathroom. A satin finish is a must. Bathrooms are naturally damp places. Washable paint can ensure that any mould that may grow can be wiped away easily.

Lastly, if your bathroom suite is not a colour you detest, and doesn’t have any cracks in it, it can be saved. A thorough clean can get rid of even the worst stains. One way to get your bathroom suite to look like a new one is to replace the taps and fixtures. The difference to your bathroom sink with some new taps can be amazing. If you do need to replace your suite, look out for discount sales, or shop online for a reconditioned suite for your bathroom.

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