New Build Loft Conversion : What you Need to Know

If you are planning on purchasing a new build home, whether off plan, or already finished, there are many considerations to take into mind. One of these is whether you intent to plan a new build loft conversion. Not all lofts can be converted, and the newer the build, the more likely you will have problems. Even if the loft space on the home appears to be big enough, it may not be suitable for use as living space. So, if you are considering your new loft into living space, you may need to think again.

new build loft conversion

New Build Loft Conversion : Ask Your Building Contractors

Whether the home you intend to purchase is already built or in the building stage, the building contractors should be able to tell you about the possibility of a loft conversion. What is perhaps more important here is choosing a reputable building company in the first place. Bristol Builders Network can put you in touch with builders across the city that are working on new build projects. When you choose vetted builders with years of experience, you will get clear cut answers to your questions.

New Build Attic Conversions Versus Older Homes

The are many reasons that your new build home may not be suitable for a loft conversion. Unlike older homes that have large lofts and trusses that allow for a lot of open space, newer homes often have smaller loft with beams that cut through the open space. These beams are used for support, and cannot be removed. The beams for what would become your floorboards may also not be able to support the weight of a loft conversion. Lofts in modern homes are often smaller to start off with, and they often aren’t suited for living space.

Prefabricated trusses that are used in most modern new builds are not suitable for conversions. They are lightweight, and use crossbracing. This makes converting the loft a mammoth task that will involve replacing the whole roof structure. So, what alternatives do you have for a new build loft conversion?

If the home you wish to purchase is not suitable for a loft conversion, you have a few choices. One is to purchase the home but convert the garage or basement instead. Once again though, you will often find that modern homes do not have a basement and one would need to be dug. You could also choose a large property that has more rooms, or you could add an extension to the home. The best solutions however is to not buy off plan at all and to invest in a bespoke new build home.

Final Note

When you want a home that is unique, and one where everything is just where you want it to be, choose bespoke new homes. These are built to your specific needs, and can be as quirky or as ordinary as you like. If you have always dreamed of a loft bedroom, but don’t want to invest in a second hand home, choose a bespoke build, and design you very own loft room with every detail just home you want it to be.

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