Office Refurbishment Costs : What to Budget For

Office refurbishment costs can vary greatly depending on many different factors. These include the size of your office, the location, and what you want done to your office. One of these factors that may have surprised you is location. Thankfully, Bristol is not as expensive as London when it comes to office fit outs. The most important lesson you can learn is not to cut corners. Your office will be representing your brand. So, choose professional fit out experts for the job.

office refurbishment costs

Pricing Up Your Office Fit Out

As mentioned above, the price you pay for your office fit out will depend on many factors. One of these is whether you will need structural changes to your build or not. If the fit out is purely cosmetic, it will work out to be a lot cheaper than when structural changes will be made. If you need new doors or walls erecting, then the prices will start to rise quite steadily. Partition walls don’t need to be made from the same materials as your existing walls however. One way to cut back on such costs would be to use glass partitions that are attached to the floor and ceiling.

Office Refurbishment Costs : Time Scale

If you are moving to a new office, then it will be possible for the fit out to take place while you still work from your old premise. However, if you are refurbishing your existing office, you need to work out when the work will be done. If you choose out of hours or weekends it will generally be more expensive. Remember that a complete fit out can take weeks, and it will cause disruption to your office. So, advance planning is a must here.

When working out the cost of your office refurb, you also need to think about how much space you will need. If you are still expanding as a company, it is advisable to move to an office that you can grow into. But, for every extra square metre of office, your fit out bill, along with your rent, will increase. The price you pay per square metre for the rental, as well as for the fit out can be kept down when you choose a location that is not city centre, or not within a brand new office development. The situation of your office will depend on whether you have a high street presence or not, and how often people will visit you.

If there will be structural changes made to your build, you may also need the services of a structural engineer and architect. Both these can be arranged for your by BBN.


The amount of furniture you need can also change the overall cost quite dramatically. Perhaps you will need furniture for an entire new sale floor, or perhaps just for your new meeting rooms. This is why it is impossible to put a figure on the cost of an office fit out. AV and IT equipment for your company can also add to the cost, cabling and wiring being necessary for your new installations. You can really spend as little or as much as you want on your new office, so contact the specialists today to discuss your plans. Once the planning stage has been finished, then the pricing stage will take place, accounting for all areas of your refurbishment.

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