Office Refurbishment Services : Your Office Fit Out

When you choose office refurbishment services from Bristol Builders Network, you will be helped through all stages. From the planning, to the delivery of your new office furniture, we will ensure our fit out experts are with you all the way. There are three different stages to your office refurbishment. The planning is the first stage, followed by the fit out, and then, the final touches and décor. In this article we are going to concentrate on the office fit out.

office refurbishment services

Office Refurbishment Services : Your Office Fit-Out

Your chosen office refurbishment services will include absolutely everything you need to fit out your existing office, or move your business to a new premise. Everything will be taken care of, ensuring that your business is disrupted as little as is feasibly possible.

The way you go about your fit out will depend on many parameters. These will include your budget, your tastes and the space you have. You may simply need some partitions for your office. On the other hand, you may want a complete interior design refit. What you need to remember here is that there is far more to your office refurbishment than what you can see.

Asides the building work, there are many other areas that you should update at the same time. These will include your plumbing, electric, air conditions, and emergency systems. Refurbishment time is also the perfect time to update your IT and data cabling, and your heating. Your office refurbishment services include updating your whole working environment.


The first stage of your fit out is the initial workplace analysis. This will need your input. You will be asked what your vision is, and how you hope to achieve it. Your vision needs to be clear before work can start on your plans. Once the analysis is complete, the designs and plans for your new office can be drawn up. At this stage you will be made aware of the cost for your new office, and the timescale.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly, one project manager will overlook the operations. He will be present from start to finish, and will be responsible for ensuring that the project will be finished on time and within budget. Health and safety must be strict both during the office fit out, and once your new office build is finished. Work will be carried out with no danger to staff, and the finished fit out will conform to all the latest regulations.

Fitting out your office will ensure that you and your staff members work to their full potential. If you are using outdated equipment, data cables, and furniture, your reputation and that of your brand will be suffering. An old fashioned office is one that will drag you down. No one likes to go to work to a drab and dull office with the same fixtures that it had decades ago. Choose local office refurbishment services for your business to ensure you stay on top, giving your competitors a real run for their money.

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