Redo a Bathroom on a Budget : Tips for your New Home

If you are buying a second hand property, there will be some areas that may need updating. Two of the most common, and unfortunately most expensive, are your kitchen and bathroom. Having spent a lot of money on your property purchase, you will be looking for tips and advice, such as how to redo a bathroom on a budget. If you don’t want to spend the next decade starting at tiles or a suite you hate, read on. Bristol Builders Network can help.

Redo a Bathroom on a Budget : Fixtures and Fittings

If you need to stick to a tight budget for your bathroom, make sure you don’t move fixtures and fittings. As much as you might dream of a tub in the middle of your room, keeping it where it is will save money. Although it is highly recommended that you have your pipework checked out by a licensed plumber, keeping your bath, sink, and toilet where they are is a must. Rearranging pipework is costly, and moving around your toilet or sink are unnecessary added extras.

redo a bathroom on a budget

Keeping your bath in the same place doesn’t mean you have to stick with a bathroom you don’t like. If you hate the colour of your bathroom suite, then change it, but stick to a tub of the same size. Many second hand homes sport bathroom suites that are a throwback from last century, with colours like deep red and green. These colours are passé and can really give your bathroom a look you will grow to hate more by the day. When replacing your suite, look out for discontinued models, or shop in the sales. A suite that is one year out of date will still be decades younger than the one you have now.

If you want to redo your bathroom on a budget, choose an economical material for your suite, tiles, and flooring. Forget marble, and stick with something you like that you can afford. If you really want to get rid of your bath and replace it with a shower, this is still possible. Just ensure that the water supply for your shower will be where it is for your bath now.

Flooring and Walls

If the part of your bathroom you really don’t like isn’t the suite but the tiles, then just replacing tiles and keeping the existing suite is a possibility. You will be amazed at the difference some new tiles, free from mould and cracked silicone will make. Your flooring can also be replaced on a budget. Carpets should be removed, but they don’t need to be replaced by the most expensive parquet floors. Bristol Builders Network can put you in touch with bathroom fitters who will stick to your budget. First and foremost, work out what you can spend. Then work out what you really want to change straight away. There are many affordable options out there that will ensure you learn to love your new bathroom when you move into your new home.

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