Side Return Extension

A side return extension is a great way to utilise the space between the side wall of your property and the boundary with your neighbour. It also adds a lot of value to your home too! (See Calculator below).

Bristol Builders Network can build your side extension according to your plans, or guide you through the whole process; from discussing initial ideas to planning advice, architectural drawings and a complete design and build service.

Side Return Extension Cost

side return extensionSo firstly, how much will a side extension cost?
In Bristol, a single storey side extension will cost £1000 – £1300 per square metre for a standard construction. If you are looking for a luxury build then expect to pay £2500+ per square metre.

Double Storey side extensions will cost about £1000 per square metre for a standard construction and £2000+ for a high spec.

The side return extension cost will also depend on the materials you use and whether you purchase them yourself (expensive) or get the builder to purchase them for you. The bigger the builder, the more discount they will get from the builder’s merchants, but there will be no discount on luxury or unusual items as they are not bought often enough.

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Single Storey Side Extension

A single story side extension makes for a great sun room or kitchen extension, or can be used to create a light and airy additional room with plenty of natural light. You can open up to the garden with wide bi-fold doors and reduce the rigidity of the boundary between home and garden.

Two Storey Side Extension

side extensionA two story side extension gives you double the space but reduces the amount of light downstairs. If you can get planning permission for a two storey side return extension and can afford to build it then this will always add more value to the house.

So, if you are thinking of ‘upsizing’ it is always a great idea, but if you are planning to stay for the foreseeable future then make the decision based on how you would most like to enjoy the space you create.

A two storey extension is cheaper per square metre than a single storey because the cost of the roof is shared over two floors.

Planning Regulations

With issues such as privacy and right to light, it is always best to seek some planning advice before going to the expense of getting drawings done. BBN can help you with both initial planning advice as well as architectural drawings or the complete Design and Build package.

Boundary Walls

If there is an existing boundary wall this can be incorporated into the design and made into an internal feature. And with lots of light and regular fine water spraying from a bottle you can even keep any wall flowers alive too.