Small Single Storey Extension : An Affordable Addition to your Home

If you are looking for an affordable way to add room to your home, a small single storey extension could be perfect. The amount you pay for your extension will depend on the quality of the work and the results you hope to achieve. For a basic extension, the building work will cost in the region of 1.5K to 2K. If you want excellent quality and a superior finish, you can expect to pay more.

The overall cost of a small single storey extension will of course depend on how many rooms you will be adding and what rooms they will be. The price for a kitchen extension will be far greater than that of a bedroom. A kitchen can cost you from 5K upwards, but there really is no upper limit. The price is similar for bathrooms. Once again, the more luxurious you want, the higher the price tag.

small single storey extension

Small Single Storey Extension : Flooring, Walls, Windows, and Doors

The price for your flooring will depend on the material of your choice, but will be in the region of £25 per square metre for the simplest floor. Walls will cost around 85 pounds to plaster and dry line. The price of your extension will also depend on the windows and doors you choose. If you want your extension to have a patio door, then it will be more expensive than if you just add a few simple windows.

Another issue you will need to deal with is how you will heat your small single storey extension. If you are lucky, you may be able to extend your existing system. If this is not possible, you may opt for under floor heating. Depending on the capacity of your boiler, you may need to replace it if you will be adding new radiators. Combi boilers start at around 2K.

Budgeting for Design

You may have ideas about how you would like your extension, but you will also need to budget for design fees. BBN can put you in touch with local professionals who can carry out a land survey, help you design, and build your new extension. Depending on the size of your extension and the type of roof you want, you may also require the services of a structural engineer.

It is easy to see here that although the basic construction for your extension won’t be too expensive, there are many additional costs that you will need to account for. When you allow Bristol Builders Network to take the strain, we will find you a team of experts who will be with you throughout your entire project. From the planning stages to the finishing touches, our vetted tradesmen will deliver a standard of excellence whilst helping you save money on the overall cost of your building works. Contact us today to discuss your plans, and to start the planning and design stage for your new house extension.

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